Climatic conditions are markedly different on the Atlantic and Pacific sides of western Panama, especially in the amount and seasonal distribution of rainfall. On the Caribbean slopes of the Tabasará Mountains, which face the rain-bearing trade winds, average rainfall is approximately twice as heavy as on the leeward Pacific slopes. The Caribbean coast receives 60–140 inches (1,500–3,550 mm) per year, while the more populated Pacific region receives 45–90 inches (1,140–2,290 mm). Furthermore, on the Caribbean side rain falls almost throughout the year, while on the Pacific side there is more seasonal variation—in Chiriquí province, for example, there is a pronounced dry season lasting from January to April, and March is usually the driest month. The mean temperature of the coldest month seldom drops below 78 °F (26 °C) on either coast.

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Puerto Armuelles beach rentals by owner, 1 house rental, plus 2 studios.


About Us

Escape to Hideaway Panama. Our 2 comfortable studios and house are located just 200 feet from the radiant beaches of sunny Puerto Armuelles, Panama. Here your mind, body, and soul can't help but relax and become one with nature.

Enjoy the great waves for surfing or just enjoy the sun, warm sand, the beautiful flowers, and birds in this lovely country.



My name is Pat, my husband Lewis(recently passed) and I retired and moved permanently to Puerto Armuelles in 2005. Two years ago our son Ron came to Panama and joined us in our Hideaway adventure. When we first arrived we had several impressions at one time, beautiful yet rustic. We wanted a simple, uncomplicated life and here we are!
Fresh fruit and fresh fish right here at our door. The cost of living is within our means and the beauty of the country entranced us. We are able to live right on the Pacific Ocean!
Panama is a laid back country and nothing moves to fast. As the old saying goes “Work to live don’t live for work”. That's really true here,
We hope to get to meet and make friends with our new adventure “Hideaway Panama”
Visit us, have fun and relax!

Hope to see you soon,

Pat and Ron

Free Wifi

Flat Screens in each rental

Air Conditioned 
Hot water in each rental
Private Baths
Queen size orthopedic bed

BBQ available
Loaded kitchen

Washing machine
Maid service (varies) 

Outdoor Shower

For Rent:


Beach tents