Wifi ~ Air Conditioning
Cable TV (big Screen)
Electric ~ Hot water
Private Bath
Queen size orthopedic bed
Garbage pick-up

Fully loaded kitchen

microwave, stove, toaster oven, blender, toaster
Washing machine
Maid service

 Outdoor Shower
Cabana's and Hammocks

Puerto Armuelles beach lodging

Escape to Hideaway Panama. Our 3 comfortable suites are located just 200 feet from the radiant beaches of Sunny Puerto Armuelles, Panama. Here, your mind, body, and soul can't help but relax and become one with nature.

Enjoy the great waves for surfing or just enjoy the sun, warm sand and the beautiful flowers and birds in this lovely country.

Puerto Armuelles beach rentals by owner and has 1 house rental, plus 2 suites.

treat yourself right! 

We are retired and have been living in Puerto Armuelles for the last 11 years. When we first arrived we had several impressions at one time. Beautiful yet rustic. The clincher on the deal for us was we wanted a simple, uncomplicated life. This was it!
Fresh fruit and fresh fish right there at our door. The cost of living was within our means and the beauty of the country entranced us. We were able to live right on the Pacific Ocean, wow!
Much has changed since then as eleven years will do. We are still completely satisfied with our decision. The area has developed so much and more improvements are coming. Please look at the Face Book page for Puerto Armuelles 2020. It is exciting but I do not expect it to be completed by 2020.
Panama is a laid back country and nothing moves to fast. As the old saying goes “Work to live don’t live for work”. I think Panama created that.
My husband is a craftsmen and makes beautiful teak furniture and he has such a creative mind he can build almost anything, he ceases to amaze me daily. We are involved with the animal clinic, neighborhood watch and welcoming new people to the area.
We hope to get to meet and make friends with our new adventure “Hideaway”
Visit us, have fun and relax!
Hope to see you soon.

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